Monday, August 13, 2012

The Adventures of BlondieChell and Batman: Photo-Bombing

   When you go to the mall with family and friends, what do you do?? I'm sure some of you walk around, shop, eat...people watch... Not us...we photo-bomb.  Not the kind where you purposefully jump into someone else's frame, but the kind where you randomly dress up & take pics. And run.

    A few years back, my bro and I started a trend...then our significant others joined in...and it just keeps getting crazier... For some reason, we started taking pics of us wearing hats in the men's section of H&M....why? Yeah, ::insert laugh:: like we know....

    I guess what plays into the random factor is the fact that we only see my family every-so-often, so we do what we can to make it memorable. This year, we (okay, me) pre-planned to wear masks and capes...inside H&M... (note-this all happened right before the Aurora tradgedy, so no judgement, k??) and take pics of it...
     My bro & I were completely sold on this idea....but, no one else, we went to H&M...and took out usual group shot...then Rob & I whipped out our masks & capes for a quick photo-op. Obviously, I was BlondieChell (read about the beginning here), and Rob (who favors super heroes & other nerdy things) brought his Batman cape & mask (this was also the same night as a premier of a Batman movie-again, a few hours before the Aurora tragedy).
                                          In H&M

The only premise behind this is to be goofy. Laugh. Make others laugh (or question what planet we came from). We left the store dressed as our "normal" selves and remained in the food court till closing time. Then, we donned our masks and capes and "fled" from the mall (high heels & all!) can see the video here.

                                             Outside of the mall

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