Monday, August 6, 2012

How Far Can You Go??

   *Disclaimer: Some of you may find this post gross or disgusting. If you have a weak stomach, it is advised that you leave now. *Randomness Abounds*
      Yesterday at church I saw the cutest (or grossest) thing.  There was a one-year-old in the row in front of us, and she stuck her finger up her nose. Now, I've seen kids stick their fingers up their nose plenty of times, but this kid' finger seemed to go ALL THE WAY up.  I'm talking so far up, I thought she was going to touch her brain.  I was watching.
       I have recently invented the theory that God created everyone's fingers and nostrils in proportion so that no one is NOT able to stick their finger up their nose. Try it. Bet your finger fits. Now, ask some huge, gigantic dude. See? His finger fits too (up his nose, not yours).  Fitting your finger up your nose can be a good thing, especially if you're the kind of person that tends to get items stuck up there...or if a bug flies up there...or if you have to pick some "crusties" so you can breathe...
      So after watching that little girl, and wondering HOW IN THE WORLD she shoved her tiny finger so far up her tiny nose, that I decided to try. (surprised??) I used my pinkie since I'm wearing fake nails on eight other fingers.  I stuck my pinkie up my nose, but I could only get my finger as far up as where the nasal passage connects to....something else....all I know is, I felt the edge on the inside of my nostril drop a cliff..then I got scared that I was nearing my brain and I know touching that isn't I stopped. How far can you go???

                                        Here's a pic of me:

                                   Look! The kids can do it too!

                                 And even hubby joined in!!!


  1. You guys.....
    Question: Why do apes have big nostrils?
    ~Because they have big fingers!

    A Favorite joke of my brothers when we were kids.

    1. I have never heard that joke....but love it!!!

  2. By far, the best thing I've read all day!!!!!

    1. comments like this keep me doing what I do!!!