Monday, August 20, 2012

Things I Wish I Knew....About Gardening...

  This year I partook in the Poncha Springs Community garden. A friend and I. No prior experience. If it weren't for the friendly gardeners in Poncha, some of our produce would have already "gone to seed"! (that's gardener talk for "dead" or "die") Anyways, we've learned a lot.
            1. If you go on vaca, when you return your garden will look like a jungle!
            2. Vine plants, like watermelon & pumpkins, take over the whole plot (the lettuce barely had a chance!).
            3. Plant beans/peas with aforementioned vine plants-not helpless stable ones.
            4. Bees.
            5. Plan your garden out (don't randomly plant things, forget where they are, and just sprinkle seeds around).
            6. Label your rows (or else you'll end up with a bunch of unidentifiable green things. Is that spinach? I don't know-did we plant spinach??).
            7. The flowers on plants are what turn into the produce. Don't pick. (except potatoes-there's no way potatoes grow from those tiny flowers)
            8. High water pressure can damage plants (not my fault the newly installed town water system didn't come with instructions!).
            9. Corn seeds from the store grow tall like the corn by the side of the highway....
            10. Vine plants are prickly. Very prickly.

 Here's some pics of Steve being attacked by the vine plants...they wrap their little tendrils on anything they come in contact with...

                         his tomato cage....


Corn amidst tomato plants and wax bean plants...

Potatoes....well, they're still underground....

                      Those bright green leaves? That's lettuce...good stuff ;)



  1. haha! you poor dear :) It does look like you are getting some crops though, that's all good!
    Last summer, we went on vaca, and when we came home the garden was half dead :(

    1. we've picked *tons* of wax beans!!! the kids love eating them! and the lettuce has been great too!

  2. I love how the corn is randomly mixed in with the beans :). First time reading your blog and thought it was really funny!

    1. thanks, Rebekah! I have some newer pix i need to post-everything's growing!!!