Sunday, December 30, 2012

8 Crazy Hours

   Growing up, we lived really close to two airports, so I had never entertained the thought of having to travel long distances to one...then we moved to Colorado.  We live about two and a half hours or so from one airport, and three and a half hours from another. The closer one is smaller and only hosts a few airlines. The three hour one is where we usually go for flights.
     This year, my mom & sis were able to fly out for Christmas. They flew into the farther airport located in Denver, CO. Hubby went up early in the morning to retrieve them from the airport, driving over snow-covered mountain passes. They did not get back to our house until late afternoon. After 5pm, they were checking their luggage for gifts and discovered that: 1.They had someone else's luggage 2. They were missing one of their bags.
      In a mild state of panic, I called the airline/airport baggage department. After being shuffled around for a half hour, it was finally made clear to me that: 1. Airlines cannot tell you if they have your bag or not over the phone 2. If you take some one else's bag from the airport, it's considered theft, and you have a 24 hour grace period to return it. OOPS. This meant driving back to the airport to return the "stolen" luggage without knowing whether or not my family's bag was there. (Although, if someone else walked off with my bag, I'd want them to return it ASAP too)
      After calling my trusty friend & her hubby, we decided it would be best if her hubby, my sis & I made the trek to the airport and, we took off. adrenaline pumping and full-panic-mode on stand-by, we drove the three and a half hours to the airport in three hours (did I mention I was only running on 2.5 hours of sleep?). Awesome, right? Thankfully, the baggage transfer went smoothly, and we took the right bag back with us. Somehow between getting gas and Arby's sandwhiches, we ended up losing an hour (and our way). Once we turned around, we made it back through the slightly treacherous mountain passes and finally back home...since it was past midnight, it was technically the next day, and I finally had a chance to enjoy seeing my mom before passing out in my bed. No charges were filed, and no underwear lost.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Got Viral?

       So last week, I was blown away by the popularity of one of our family Christmas photos. We just had our session the prior Sunday, and our awesome photographer had our pics ready by Wednesday. With permission, she posted one on Facebook, and before I could say "love that pic!" comments and likes started flooding in! The increasing popularity of the photo blew us away-

        The idea for this particular scene came to me during an a.m. run the day before the shoot. I informed Tonja of my idea, and she helped it become what it is ;) I assumed it would get a few likes and comments (I know my friends ;) but my FB notifications wouldn't stop! It got to the point where friends of friends were liking & commenting-people we didn't even know!
         During the insanity of it all, I grew to wonder if the pic would go viral. According to this article, it did, but to me, going viral means that *just about everyone* has seen it and it shows up in everyone's newsfeed in some form or other. It's gotten close with a few family members sharing and reposting the photo (and tagging our photographer) but, my secret dream is to see it become so popular that *just about everyone* has seen it & makes a parody of it. Yes, I know wishes are wishes, but if you'd like to encourage my insanity, just click here and share, share share!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

8 More Days!!!!'s been busy, busy, busy here!!! I've been quiet this week because I'm finishing up my second semester of classes, working on getting Christmas cards out, and preparing for my Mommy & sister's visit!!! We get to see them in a little over a week!!! That means cookie making, caroling, gift wrapping & all kinds of stuff!!! I also get to teach my mom how to "crochet in the round" (connect the lines to make round things like hats! Or balls! Or other stuff!) I also get to eat food that I haven't burned!!!
     My mom hasn't been out to visit us for a few years (my sis has never been out here), and it's quite the change from the flat, muggy Delawarean landscape. We're talking purple mountain majesty in 360 degrees! And brown grass! (These poor kids....grass is supposed to be green, not brown....) And tumbleweeds! And deer-don't don't always hit them...sometimes they hit you! The air is crisper here, but drier too...which basically means you could freeze to death before you realize it because you wouldn't notice ;) I believe the town has added another stoplight since my mom's last visit-making the total 3.
    We are looking forward to having fun & making memories (and not freeezing to death!!!)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Things I Learned While Handing Out Hot Chocolate At Wal*Mart

       So, even though I enjoyed the Black Friday mayhem, I also spent some time helping patrons who endured the semi-craziness of our small-town Wal*Mart. Let me remind ya that Wal*Mart is the only "department store" our small town has, so aside from Murdoch's Farm & Ranch Supply, they're about the only place within 60 miles offering Black Friday deals...which means that's where everyone is after filling up on turkey and watching the game.
       Last year, my friend's hubby's non-profit started handing out hot chocolate to patrons...for agenda, no gimmick. Why? In my words, "Jesus gives to us, so we should give to others". (Plus we live in a small town and you can only hand out so much Christian literature so often. Certain denominations and religions here have yet to understand this fact)
     As I stood at the exit doors, two cups of cocoa in hand, it occurred to me that I could make a blog post out of it!
         Things I Learned While Handing Out Hot Chocolate At Wal*Mart
1. Not everyone appreciates free things
2. Say, "Hot chocolate?" before phrases like, "Hello. How are you? Would you like some..."
3. Not everyone appreciates free things
4. I need to learn the word "free" in other languages
5. Sometimes, you have to convince people that *you* didn't make it.
6. Standing with only one cup in your hand is creepy. Two cups, and you're a bonafide hot-chocolate-giver!
7. Wear gloves so when hot chocolate sloshes over, you're protected!
8. Don't lick your gloves. That looks creepy too.
9. Offering to follow someone to their vehicle (they're hands are occupying a loaded shopping cart) comes off as creepy.
    Bottom line?? If you're handing out free hot chocolate, try not to look creepy!!!