Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Got Viral?

       So last week, I was blown away by the popularity of one of our family Christmas photos. We just had our session the prior Sunday, and our awesome photographer had our pics ready by Wednesday. With permission, she posted one on Facebook, and before I could say "love that pic!" comments and likes started flooding in! The increasing popularity of the photo blew us away-

        The idea for this particular scene came to me during an a.m. run the day before the shoot. I informed Tonja of my idea, and she helped it become what it is ;) I assumed it would get a few likes and comments (I know my friends ;) but my FB notifications wouldn't stop! It got to the point where friends of friends were liking & commenting-people we didn't even know!
         During the insanity of it all, I grew to wonder if the pic would go viral. According to this article, it did, but to me, going viral means that *just about everyone* has seen it and it shows up in everyone's newsfeed in some form or other. It's gotten close with a few family members sharing and reposting the photo (and tagging our photographer) but, my secret dream is to see it become so popular that *just about everyone* has seen it & makes a parody of it. Yes, I know wishes are wishes, but if you'd like to encourage my insanity, just click here and share, share share!

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  1. Haha! I shared and people loved it! You guys just cracked me up :)