Wednesday, December 12, 2012

8 More Days!!!!'s been busy, busy, busy here!!! I've been quiet this week because I'm finishing up my second semester of classes, working on getting Christmas cards out, and preparing for my Mommy & sister's visit!!! We get to see them in a little over a week!!! That means cookie making, caroling, gift wrapping & all kinds of stuff!!! I also get to teach my mom how to "crochet in the round" (connect the lines to make round things like hats! Or balls! Or other stuff!) I also get to eat food that I haven't burned!!!
     My mom hasn't been out to visit us for a few years (my sis has never been out here), and it's quite the change from the flat, muggy Delawarean landscape. We're talking purple mountain majesty in 360 degrees! And brown grass! (These poor kids....grass is supposed to be green, not brown....) And tumbleweeds! And deer-don't don't always hit them...sometimes they hit you! The air is crisper here, but drier too...which basically means you could freeze to death before you realize it because you wouldn't notice ;) I believe the town has added another stoplight since my mom's last visit-making the total 3.
    We are looking forward to having fun & making memories (and not freeezing to death!!!)

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