Monday, September 24, 2012

I've Created A Monster..

       Our family has a few "rituals" that we do when we tuck the kids into bed. This includes a series of kiss-nuzzle-hugs that the older two understand. Malachi hears the word "hug" or "nuzzle" or "kiss" and goes in for a kiss (it's cute, but I like my nuzzles & hugs too). Yesterday I decided to play with him by naming different actions, executing them, then repeating the action to see what he would do. Apparently the "head bonk" was his fav.
        It has come to my realization that not all of my children's collective actions can be deemed "normal". That's okay. What's not okay though, is one of them finding humor in something that causes pain. When Daddy came home, I tried the "head bonk" again to see if Malachi remembered it. He did. However, he enjoyed it so much that he insisted on continuing to do it. Again. And again. Needless to say, Tylenol was my best friend last night.
          Have you ever had the full weight of a child's head repeatedly bash you in your forehead? And it didn't matter if I wasn't looking-the head bonk came anyways. Poor kid-Mommy teaches him something, he learns it, then Mommy tells him to stop.....I mean, I don't mind one head bonk here and there (sometimes I have the urge to randomly head-butt hubby), but more than two in a row can become painful...I just couldn't believe that it didn't seem to hurt him! And seriously, this kid's head is big for his age-if you stuck him in a room with 10 little boys his age, his head would be the biggest. And apparently hardest....
         Don't laugh. When's the last time you tried something that failed miserably? (Although, I guess I really succeeded because he not only remembered the action, but he could continuously execute it). I'm just hoping this knowledge leaves his head when he wakes up.........

                           See??? Big.....


  1. You know what.... That could be a boy thing, I didn't even have to teach my your brothers to do that. They just did it, and always at a moment when I couldn't do much about it.