Monday, September 17, 2012

To My Fellow Runners & Cyclists...

Dear Fellow Runners & Cyclists,
       While I appreciate the courtesy you lend by shouting "ON YOUR LEFT!" (or vise-versa), I would like to make you aware of a few things...
        First, when one is running (without media plugged into their ears), their ears are usually filled with the sounds of nature, their feet pounding the ground....and cray-loud echoes of air being inhaled and exhaled. The last thing a runner is thinking about is "Oh, wait-is there someone trying to pass me?"
        Next on my short agenda is the fact that when you sneak up behind someone only to yell in their ear as you pass by, you scare them. This behavior paralyzes the runner to the point of short-term amnesia. "Which side's my left?", "Oh, no! Bushes!", "Wait...what??" As you can imagine, this can only lead to the runner (whom you are supposedly trying to help stay safe by letting them know which side you are passing on) being disoriented and possibly injured (did you watch that last person you passed fall off the cliff? No. You didn't. You just breathed a sigh of relief when they moved out of your way).
         The last thing I would like to draw your attention to is the fact that what you are doing (no matter how "polite" it may seem) is just plain rude! When is the last time you were in Wal*Mart and shouted, "On your left!" to the person right in front of you? Exactly....if you wouldn't do it while you are walking, why would you do it when running or cycling? 
            Continue to chew on these facts the next time you're out trolling along and want to pass someone. What's the big deal about just following them? Slow down your pace to keep everyone safe ;)
                         Thank you for your cooperation,
                                  ~BlondieChell (the blonde chick running super-slow)

*Disclaimer: this post is bathed in sarcasm & intended for laughs only. I love my fellow runners & cyclists.
**Right after I wrote this, I almost slid off a mountain due to one of these encounters, thus proving my point, lol


  1. haha! You can pass me! I have to walk ;)

    1. LOL! That's my daughter. Now you see why I walk....other than that...I don't bother cyclists or runners. I give them alot of credit, I wish I could run! Love ya Chell!

  2. I even tell people I am going behind them in the store! Don't want to startle anyone, including clerks stocking or whatever!!!!

    1. i think that's a great idea in the store! so many times all I can hear are my kids, so its hard to hear other carts & ppl walking...btw, I had a cyclist whistle a few hundred yards from us-it was really melodic & didn't freak me out ;) he repeated the tune as he got closer, and it's a great alternative to yelling "TO YOUR LEFT!" in someone's ear, lol ;)