Monday, July 30, 2012

2012 Cape May Trip

     For weeks, my family had planned a trip to visit the beautiful shore in Cape May, New Jersey.  It's a small, quiet place with aVictorian Era theme.  There are several parts of the beach you can visit-by the Cape May Lighthouse (we went during the off-season one year, and mr brother & hubby found a "ghost detector"), the main shore, and Sunset Beach (also called Cape May Diamond Beach).
     I started the day with only three hours of sleep logged.  Why??  I was waaaaaaaay too excited!!!! My parents, brother, his fiance, Josiah & I drove an hour to the Cape May Lewis Ferry.  Everyone else drove (its about and hour & a half from where my parents live).  Apparently it was Denise's first time on the ferry.  She loved it! 
     Our first stop (hubby's first stop was WalMart to get a stroller since we forgot our at my parent's) was Sunset Beach! Yay for Cape May Diamonds!  I love digging through the sand to find these rocks (well, now it's more like all rocks and no sand....) and I love dragging everyone else along! I love bringing home Cape May Diamonds and other pretty rocks, and seashells for my summer decor.  This year (sleep deprivation has so many wonderful effects) after sitting and digging for the "diamonds", and holding Malachi from floating out to sea while I kept digging, I attempted some Pilates moves...and wanted to sleep...Malachi had different thoughts about the rocks-they are food.  Amber & Josiah managed to not get swept away, and had great fun bending over to douse their heads beneath the waves.
                                                    Beach Pilates

                                                   Getting wet without getting swept away....


Lookin' pretty!

    After eating, our next stop was the Washington Street Mall!  Yay for beach shopping!  Sadly, one of my fav restraunts, The Lemon Tree changed it's name to The Red Monkey Grill.  This prompted some creative thinking, and my brother and I entered using faux British accents (mine sounded more like a European blend).  He politely asked what kind of monkey they serve.  The quick-thinking cashier replied, "Red".  Apparently Rob can't keep a straight face, so he left me while I ordered (and waited for) my cheesesteak (I ate soooooo many of these on our trip!!! I don't think anyone knows how to make a good Philly Cheesesteak west of the Missisippi).  I maintained my awful faux accent until I left.
                                                 Washington Street Mall

     Hubby, Rob, Denise, Malachi, Josiah & I walked back to one of the vehicles to wait for everyone else.  Before they all fell asleep (see? only three hours of night-time sleep has it's benefits: over-tiredness!!!) I discovered hubby had bought some TastyKakes (these are soooo yummmy, but another delicacy of which we are deprived ;(  ) during his short Walmart jaunt.

                                              TastyKake....Where's your smile??
    Later, we ate dinner at a diner on our way home (yeah....just Sunset Beach and Washington St. Mall this time....we were waaaaaay too wore out to add anything else), and I was not in the mood for anything "heavy", so I ordered chocolate chip pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream (I had *really* wanted Belgian Waffles, but they stop making them at a certain time), and I added syrup when it came.  Josiah slept through the entire dinner, through the laughter and chattter of eleven people, and kept sleeping.

    All in all, it was a great day....To read more about the magical world of Cape May, visit Cape May

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  1. As usual you crack me up!
    So I'm thinking you would be the one who walks in and orders a diet water :) That's pretty funny to do as well!