Friday, July 27, 2012


    Ah, Delaware...the land of refineries and factories.  People in Colorado ask me what Delaware looks like (some aren't even sure where it is).  Well, it's flat, and boring, and I tell them this (though I'm thinking of chaning my answer to "magical-it's rainbow colored and has pink ponies floating everywhere).  Growing up, we learned the difference between safe Enlish ivy and it's poisonous counterpart.  We played in Banning Park, and shopped at Shoprite.  Anything below the top county (there's only three) is known as "Lower Slower" (there's a reason for this, trust me).  Air-onditioning is a necessity and so is Wawa.  We lived right near traintracks in an old brickhouse-late at night, when all was quiet and still, you could feel the house shake when a train went by (there were many nights I was terrified that the walls would fall down, and I worried myself with visions of the ceiling and floors caving in with us inside).
     Though the beaches are on of DE's main attractions (by the way, Delaware natives refer to their homestate as "DE" and Pennsylvania is "PA" and New Jersey is "Jersey"-yes, I am talking about everyday langauge, not texting) we rarely went.  Other "exciting" things include the small airport, the interstate, the Christiana Mall (which has expanded since I was a child), and Old New Castle (not to be confused with New Castle).  One thing I was not aware of, that one of my Colorado friends pointed out to me, was that Delaware had a "high point"-somebody spend a lot of hours finding the highest natural elevation point in the First State and marked it. With a sign and everything.  There's even a concrete island to protect this all-so-important point from traffic.  Hubby & I finally visited.  If you want more information about it, visit my friend's page dedicated to it:Colorado Guy


  1. Aaaaand, she back! I must admit I've never been to Delaware

  2. Even though we are from the same state, I'm pretty sure we are from polar opposites lol I embrace the lower slower side of DE!