Monday, January 18, 2016

That Moment....When My Eyes Were Opened....

"Open my me inside...." "Open the eyes of my heart, Lord...." We sing these phrases all the time during worship and we pray them often. However, I don't think we're ever fully prepared for our eyes to actually be opened the way that God intends them to be....because the other day God opened my eyes to a situation and I almost went blind from the sun exposure.

   See, I was all like, "I'm a good Christian! I want more of God! Of course I want my eyes opened! Why wouldn't I want my eyes opened?!?"

  And God was like "Are you sure, my Child??"

        Me: "Yes! Yes!!! A thousand times, yes!!!"

       God: "Okay, Kid. Here ya go"

::cue to eyes slowly fluttering open behind closed lids....then *BAM*

 The searing light of the sun burns my eyelids like when one welds without a welder mask. Oops.

   Needless to say, I was completely unprepared for what I had been pleading for. Like a child who begs for a puppy, but doesn't understand the weight of the responsibility that comes with it.

    But I had my wish. My goal, my dream. Was it what I had anticipated?? No, far from it. My answer was on a completely differrent plane than my expectations. So, I adulted, sucked it up and dealt with my changed reality.
   Did I lose my eyes? No...instead, I received different lenses. 

       Moral of the story- be careful what you wish may come true....