Monday, September 29, 2014

28 Thing I've Done In 28 Years

      Saturday is my BDay, so in addition to a #Birthday #FunnyFriday on the FB fan Page (you do follow, don't you??) I'm having a Birthday post! Happy Birthday to me!!!

       I will be 28 (I think. Apparently I'm not too good in the math department and I have such a hard time remembering my actual age {thanks, kids!} that I tell people I'm older or younger than I really am). It doesn't feel much different than 27 or even 26. Actually, I feel like I'm still in my early 20's...and then  I remember how old the kids are and I realize that can't be true. So, here's a fantastical list of....

       28 Thing I've Done In 28 Years:

28. Gave birth to three humans
27. Visited the ER in two different states
26. Learned how to cartwheel
25. Bought a house (or half-bought. co-own.)
24. Attended two different colleges
23. Started a blog (two, actually)
22. Inspired the creation of a "drama award" at my highschool
21. Had a tv crew (read: one-man-show) come to my house to interview me & the man who delivered Toilet Baby
20. Learned how to crochet
19. Ran 5K's
18. Ran 5K's with the kiddos
17. Owned a Keurig (actually BDay present from last year!)
16. Never been arrested
15. Cut my hair by myself. A bazillion times.
14. Failed learning to drive stick shift
13. Discovered an obsession for minimalist running shoes!
12. Learned how to play piano
11. Snowboarded and ice skated
10. Got hit by a car. And survived.
9.   Invented the Mookie.
8.   Moved to Alaska.
7.   Started using coconut oil
6.   Hubs would probably want me to mention that I got married!!!
5.   Worked on a military base
4.   Read just about all of the Nancy Drew mysteries
3.   Rode a motorcycle
2.   Licked a frozen stop sign
1.   Puked up just about every color of the rainbow...not that I've been keeping track, of course...

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  1. Happy birthday. I had to read the "Toilet Baby" entry. So poignant and funny, but scary and then happy ending. I wish I were in my 20s again. You are blessed. I am happy you stopped by today. :)