Monday, January 21, 2013

Starting A New Family Tradition

    If you've been tuning in the past few weeks, you'll remember that my Mom & Sis came out to visit us.   As usual (you know you didn't bring enough stuff if you didn't accidentally leave some of it behind) we found some things (not to mention the candy bark we forgot to break up & bag in the fridge) and have started a collection box to be shipped as soon as we're done finding things, lol.
    During this process, I had told my mom I'd complete the crochet granny square she left here. I've never done a granny square before, so I asked her for the basic pattern. While I was crocheting this, an idea came to mind (you all know how dangerous that can be!). I really wanted to finish the square and give it back to my Mom, but my mind has other plans for it.
     As with all great family traditions, you start something, and then see how it goes. If everyone seems to enjoy it, then it gets repeated (and more things added/tweaked) until it becomes a family staple. A family tradition.
                                                         The white is mostly the original square

       My goal for this granny square is to make it a "never-ending" granny square. The thought process is this: over the years, it will get passed back & forth between the family- whomever taking turns to crochet a little here, a stitch there....using any color skein or scrap available. Soon, it may turn into "the-never-ending-granny-blanket" but that is a risk I am willing to pursue. Chains, stitches and rows can be added however the crocheter desires, in hopes of adding the family's creativity and love to this piece. I've just learned a new stitch called the "I-cord" which I've added in lei of several chains. This piece is intended to be a silly family heirloom, but I know that as it gets passed around and crocheted on, we will remember each other, admire each other's stitches and creativity and reflect on the love we share.

                                                 The "Never-Ending-Granny-Square"


                                                            an "ICord" (it's like a 3D chain)
                              You're welcome, Mom ;) And good luck!!!

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