Monday, October 14, 2013

Things You Wish You Didn't Know About Me, List 2 (56-80)

         A few months ago (okay, so it was almost a year!) I posted a list of "55 Things You May Wish You Didn't Know About Me". As I was typing this one (and checking the last one to make sure I'm not reiterating myself) I discovered that there are some things that are a bit different from February's list. Like #'s 60 & 71 .

56. Every time I see attached earlobes, I get this vision in my head of me taking a knife and performing a botched form of cosmetic surgery. There. They're welcome ;)

57. My last 2 kids I had naturally-no meds at all! (it's not that I didn't want them-I was too far "gone" by the time I wanted them, lol)

58. My FaceBook relationship status w/the hubs has been "it's complicated" since he joined. Why? Because marriage is complicated. (You would not believe the number of random "are you guys okay?" messages we receive from aquaintances (yes, not "good friends", but folks we barely know who feel it is their duty to "fix" our marriage)

59. I am learning the art of "tapestry crochet"

60. I am becoming a skilled snot-rocketter! (see here)

61. I've tried boiled peanuts. Once.

62. I've puked just about every color of the rainbow. Including black.

63. The kitchen hates me.

64. I love fuzzy socks!!!

65. I don't like banana-flavored stuff. I will eat a banana, but not banana, -------, & -------.

66. I've seen moose (in real life!)

67. I just turned 27. Three more years and I'll be 30 (and making fun of the Hubs for being 35.

68. I am a Twitter "cheater". The only people I *actually* follow are the ones that I get sent to my phone.

69. I am one of those adults who has been sucked back into fairytale land with tv shows like Once Upon a Time.

70. I score awesome deals at Kohl's. Like $3.80 Tony Hawk jeans for my son & $3 shades.

71. The longest distance I've ran without stopping is 8 miles.

72. I live in Alaska now.

73. I enjoy watching comedies. And mystery shows. And crime shows.

74. I love Wawa. (Everything from their coffee to their mugs to their food. Everything's better with Wawa!)

75. I've emailed Wawa and requested them to open up a store in Colorado. Now I must do the same for AK.

76. Chest hair terrifies me (serious nightmares from a certain college professor!)

77. Sometimes I share more information than people care to know.

78. I saw my first fist-fight this summer. Up close & personal.

79. I've watched fireworks on the beach.

80. I've accidentally let my daughter walk outside the house (and attend school) looking like a hoochie-mama. Bad Mom award right there.


  1. I just checked to see if I would be a recipient of your surgery skills...I'm pretty sure I'm safe!

    1. yay! lol. I guess I didn't think about all those "attached earlobe" folk I'd offend. Oops.