Monday, November 30, 2015

How To Give Thanks For Your Kids When You Just Can't

   Ever have one of those days where everything's going crazy and it's Friday, but it feels like a "Groundhog Day"-Monday-day?? I'm talking, like, one kid is sky diving off the couch while another is spinning a fresh roll of toilet paper all over the house, #3 is eating the dog's food and the the dog is lapping up your pricey coffee that is seeping into the carpet...because, of course, SkyDiver sometimes misses the ottoman or the floor and slams into the coffee table.
   These are the days I'm referring to. The ones where it seems like God went all "man" on you and left you to clean up the mess He helped create. The times where it's super hard to even utter the words "children are blessing" (Psalm 127:3)....and you can't help but wonder what in the world you did to deserve this kind of "blessing"??
    That's right. I said it (hey, *you* were thinking it!!!). Sometimes we can't help but wonder what in the world we've gotten ourselves into and start questioning who in the world thought that we were capable of adulting?? (Especially since that younger acts like he doesn't understand English and that your words {like "No!" and "Don't you dare!!"} mean nothing)
     I've been there. I've done that....and that's why I can write about this. And hopefully bless your heart a little bit.
    Giving thanks for your kids when you feel like you "just can't", when your mental capacities are about to explode, when you're two seconds from hiding under your bed and sobbing yourself to sleep is hard. It's hard to look at the mess, look at the chaos and say, "Thank You, God. Thank You for these blessing. For these children who are my reward from You."
    In fact, as you read that aloud, you heard the insanity. But you felt just a little better didn't you?? Now, say it again. And again. Exhale. Because your children ARE a blessing. Sure, you may not see it now, but it is true. And when you continue to thank God for (and pray for) your children, you will start to notice the little when my seven-year-old announces that she carries paper and pen with her when we leave the house "just in case you forget your list, Mommy, so that you can write one down" or when the youngest gives me gross, wet kisses, then giggles about it.
   It's okay. It's okay to feel overwhelmed at times. It's okay to cry. And call for help when you need it. Have your circle of Mommy friends. The best times to thank God are when it's when you're scrubbing the bathroom floor because the toilet overflowed because too many dinosaurs were flushed down it. But those are also the best times. Because through them, God will remind you of how blessed and loved you really are.

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