Monday, February 9, 2015

Spanx A Million

       If you're like me, you have a magical garment in your wardrobe that some refer to as a "fat-sucker-inner". I don't think you can really appreciate the power of this enchanted fabric until you've had multiple kiddos and been slacking on your diet and exercise routine.
      I've actually been in denial about my recent weight gain, so my fat-sucker-inners have been taking a vacation in my dresser. I pulled them out today to wear to church because my dress pants made me look fat(ter).
      And I was honest about it at church too-several of us "chubbier than thou" women were standing around, complimenting each other on apparel when I admitted that I looked so fantastic because I was wearing one of the magical pieces of fabric that took my fat and squished it into my body as tight as it could!
      To my surprise, I was not alone in hiding my excess poundage. We threw around words like "fat-sucker-inner", "spandex", "spanx" and even "corset". (Did you know corsets were becoming a thing again??) I was not alone in hiding all those extra calories....
     And now you can help me laugh them off:

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