Monday, February 16, 2015

BlondieChell's Special Talent

      Gods has granted *this girl* a special talent. Now, don't be jealous-this skill has taken years to perfect. Are you ready to find out what it is??
   I have this *innate* knack for showing up at in opportune times, making things more awkward than they already are and (drumroll, please....) not being needed when I seize an opportunity to help. I don't have a name for it, but maybe you can help me choose one! So here's my story for you:
   A few weeks ago our church was spreading word about their small groups and passing out info. I think they called it "Light it up Sunday" (i.e. the "lights" are the church's ministries). Now, even though Hubs and I have been attending this church since last summer, we haven't taken part in a small group. So we felt like now was our chance. And we picked one. About raising kiddos God's way...and the time frame worked for us.
    Since I like to know what's going on before I commit to things, I asked one of the leaders a series of informational questions like what to bring (snacks, anyone??), time constraints, ect. The most important thing I said was, "So we just show up Monday?" and of course that elicited a "Yes!"
    Monday came. Due to other circumstances God wanted us to take part in, we were running late. And the McDonald's drive thru ensured we would run even later.
    We showed up about 15 minutes after the scheduled start time (of course by this time I am fully embarrassed and trying to shush the kiddos outside because they sound like a herd of elephants) and rang the doorbell. Expecting a warm welcome and "Oh, we're elated you could come!" We were greeted with "What are you doing here?" ,"Why are you here?" , and shocked expressions.
    Me: "Um....Hi! I'm here for the Bible study...for small group....Monday nights....right??"
   Them: "Oooooohhhh.....The 'Alternatives to Beating Your Kids' (or whatever it is called) starts *next* Monday night."
   Fantastic. So they invited me in and we swapped life stories. Love this talent! Good times.

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