Monday, January 5, 2015

A Few Reasons To Visit Alaska In The Winter

     Ever wonder Alaska offers in the winter besides frozen tundra, Kodiak bears and The Deadliest Catch??  Well, I documented some of our great features to show you!

            Like a winter sunset on the Turnagain Arm....

         And filling up containers with drinking water from this magical pipe that sticks out of the side of a mountain (no worries-water has been tested!!!){Note: It has been unseasonably warm this winter -typically it's still froze at this time of year}

                Fantastic sunrises!!!

       Finding landscape treasures such as this old bridge!

   Uncaged bald eagles!!!

      Moose. On the side of the road. Just munching.

World's largest chocolate waterfall....Who doesn't want to see this???

              And of course, gigantic chunks of chocolate.....

         Accumulating ice on your beard while the pitch the winter.....

The Aurora Borealis.....right over our house!!!

Free museum entry the first Friday of every month in Anchorage....

    So...when are you coming to visit??

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  1. I used to call Anchorage, Alaska home while I went to UAA to get my bachelor's degree. It is a little cold for my taste but it is pretty. I enjoyed the photos!