Monday, December 29, 2014

Sometimes, I Pick A Favorite...

   Some days I like to play a little game called "Which Kiddo's the Fav??"

   You know you do it too...typically it depends on which child is the most well-behaved that day...but some days it gets awarded to the most helpful, or funniest child. Sometimes my favorite is the most snuggly....and if I'm in a really sour mood, it could be the child who "takes care of" the ones annoying me. It all depends on my mood.
    Like when A will do just about anything I ask of her...or M gives me couch cuddles....or J tells me he loves me (repeatedly. because he wants something...).
   Growing up, I always heard my mom say "I love you all the same" and "I don't have any favorites". As a mom, I know she forced herself say these things to keep the peace among the horde. And for that, I am grateful. But as a mother, I now know better.  
    And I believe it's okay to think this way because at the end (and beginning) of the day, I do love all of my kiddos the same. However, as their behavior during the day varies, so does my thoughts about the children. I mean sure, they're all great, they have fantastic qualities, and yet all three are different, and have different strengths and weaknesses.
     Do I ever tell them they've made it to "favorite" rank?? Of course not! I just keep these thoughts to myself...and you

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