Monday, December 8, 2014

I'm Not *That* Crazy, I Swear...

    You know that moment when someone you're just really starting to like asks you for your social media profile and you're like "Um...uh...yeah...." Because you want them to like you for who you are when you are with them....and not introduce them to the three-ringed-circus you *really* are on social media. I'm talking the real you. "Cray-to-the-z". Cray-Z.
     And yet, I find myself unabashedly accepting friend requests, over and over again....most of the time, I do warn them...I mean, I think it's only fair to let them know what they're getting themselves into before cray photos of me in crochet beards, my unprofessional humor and inexplicable things my kids say assault their news feed.....

    In fact, I've even considered drawing up a would look something like this:

                I __________ do hereby declare that I am acknowledging the sanity-less lifestyle of                      BlondieChell and am consciously making the decision to be her friend on a social media site. I            am fully aware that this means I will be subject to random and strange postings, some of which            I may have no prior knowledge. I affirm that if I find this submersion to be more than I had                  thought I bargained for, I have the right to separate from this relationship quietly. I will not bash          or speak ill of the things I have seen or heard.

   Great idea, right???I mean really, who hasn't thought of doing something like this before?? Oh, just me?? well, now that yours eyes have been opened, I dare you to unsee it....hahahaha.....

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