Monday, November 24, 2014

How To Tell If You Have A Chest Cold

    This past week I was struck with a nasty sinus/chest cold. I do believe I get at east one of these every winter, and you probably do before it's too late to tell, here's a handy list of signs:

     How To Tell If You Have A Chest Cold:

1. The choir director asks you to sit in the bass section (This can be quite the blow!)

2. Your own mother doesn't recognize your voice (sad, but true)

3. Everyone tells you "You sound horrible" (I'm pretty sure these are the people who don't realize you can actually hear you don't know you now sound like James Earl Jones)

4. And then... that one person tells you that you sound like you have a "phone sex" voice (the utmost compliment. I swear.)

5. You're coughing.... Up a lung..... And rainbow-colored mucous. (Seriously-if it's any colors but green and yellow, you should probably see a doctor)

   So next time if any of these things happen to you, chances are, you have a chest cold! Congratulations!!! And don't forget to stock your medicine cabinet with the appropriate supplies!

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