Saturday, November 29, 2014

Hey Now, I'm a BlogSTAR....With Influenster!!!

Hey now, I'm a BlogSTAR, I've got my game on, come, play!
        And....if you don't know that song by Smashmouth, that's okay. Just showing my generation, is all. Influenster invited (nay-TOLD) me to share what I LOVE about Influenster with my here's my list:
      Things I FREAKIN' LOVE about Influenster:
    1. IT'S FREE!!!! That's right-free to sign up, and they send you FREE products to try!!! (totally up to you whether or not you want to review them-but the more reviews you do, the more free stuff you get!!!)
    2.'s FREE?!?? I have received so many full-sized products from Influenster to try....all they ask for in return is product reviews!

     These are full-sized products I've received from Influenster to try within the past year:

    3. They ship to Alaska. Some review/product tester programs are not available in all 50 states.
    4. Prizes for reviews. Some of the brands that you review offer prizes for the top (not sure how they determine this) reviews-I've received FREE products from this as well!!!
    5. Reuseable boxes!!! I'm one of the crazies that recycles packaging, and Influenster sends their products in quality boxes that I'm able to reuse!!!Let me hear you say "YAY!!!"!
    6. Influenster App. They now have an app for this!!! #InfluensterApp
    7. The community. Once you've joined Influenster, you've joined a community of reviewers-which means you can ask other testers questions about products, check out reviews posted on the site, and add your own!!!
    8. VoxPerks!!! These are perks just for influensters from stores and vendors-they include percentage off products and coupons!!!
      Wanna join #Influenster with me?? It's easy! Just click on the hashtag and sign up! You too can become a BlogSTAR!!!  Comment with any questions!

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