Monday, September 8, 2014

"Possessing the Land" Part 2

   Like the title?? I may have stole it from the sermon series the pastor of the church we've been attending is doing...but I like it. It fits.
    So on to our tale of woe. (Or 'whoah'). The silver lining?? Right before closing of business Friday, our realtors discovered a possible loophole: getting an engineer and some other folk to sign off on paperwork, deeming the septic system as "community" instead of "shared". Then some finger-crossing and prayers.
   An entire week passed. Pins and needles were sat on the entire time. moments of worry, moments of hope. God had brought us this far, why would we lose faith now?? How could we lose faith now?? 
   And Thursday came. Along with a text from our realtor. The loan company (not to be confused with the mortgage company. In our story, they are two different entities) decided that the "community septic" thing wasn't cool. Loophole closed. Greeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt... Boom. Our world was shattered. Again. We felt stuck. With no other options (literally-all of our $$ was tied up in this deal that was apparently going nowhere) we cried. 
   And then someone, somewhere had sent our realtors another reply. Apparently they would be open to accepting the "community septic" if some more information was filled out. To hope or not to hope? We were on the fence. All of our hope, excitement, faith had been washed away by all of the desparaging news (I cannot say "desparaging news" without hearing the Veggie Tales character say it) we had received. Our faith had been yo-yo-ing and the string was about to snap. 
    All of our faith rested once again in a small chance. Slim chance. A chance of a chance. And here I was faltering. My faith in God, in God's plan for our lives had fallen so far that my friend Christina (with whom I moved to Alaska a year ago) wanted to slap me. According to her, my faith and hope that God would work everything out for us is what kept her going last summer when we had no idea where we'd be sleeping from week to week. So, I bucked up. And I told Hubs to buck up too.
      Actually, I told Hubs to say "I believe God is giving this house to us". And we said it together. And again. We were taking back our faith. And possessing the land we believe God had given us. No matter what the next day would hold. No matter where we would go. God had always been there for us. Always had a matter where we were. He hadn't left us yet, so it was our job to not leave Him.
      And then Friday came...And we got another text from our realtor. God's got someone in the loan company's ear, because they approved the paperwork....which meant that we could finally sign closing documents on the house! The house would be ours! (Well, really the bank's, but we could paint the walls and decorate!!!)

So here she is:

Thank you for sharing this journey with us!

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