Monday, August 4, 2014

We Were Table of 11 For a Year

        A little over a year ago, we moved from Colorado to Alaska. Because God told us to. We spent the past year living in a 3 bedroom, 1 bath house with our friends. Eleven people. One bathroom. Do the math. Living together for a year was never in anyone's plans-it just happened.
       See, my friend & I each took a kiddo (I have 3, she has 4) and spent almost four weeks living in hotels, trying to find suitable places for our families to live...and then this place popped up for us, and we saw it as a temporary fix...then winter set in, and apparently no one moves in the winter in Alaska....and then spring came...and finally, we found our own places to live...
       Living like that for a year creates attachments and detachments of here's what I miss, and what I don't.

        What I miss: 
            The socialization. People to talk to. All the time.
            Seeing our friends when I get home.
            Sharing cooking responsibilities (Okay. so Mike cooked a lot. That was nice... but I'm also sure it's because my "blackened vegetables" are an aquired taste.)
            Shared childcare responsibilies. We raised 'em like siblings.
            Having a medic in the house. Now who's going to glue my kid's heads when they rip them open??
            Some of the furniture that belonged to the house. ::sigh::
            The plush carpet.
             Easy access to the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail.
             Walking the kiddos to/from school.

        What I don't miss:
              Lack of space.
              One toilet.
              Not being able to feel like it was "home".
              Not having to call "dibs" on the washer.
              The small, non-fenced yard.
              The recurring windowsill mold.
   Amazingly, we all survived without any seemingly permanent damage. Because God knew we were strong enough. I'd love to hear your questions about our experience! Comment below!

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