Monday, August 25, 2014

BlondieChell and Family Go Blueberry Picking In Alaska For Real

   That's right, folks! This time we piled into the vehicle and went looking for REAL blueberries, not the crow berries we had picked (and lost) the prior weekend! So here's how we did it *right* this time:
   1. Leave a little earlier than you think you should.
   2. Remember how to get there from last time. Get there.
   3. Allow Hubs to follow a whim and park at a different spot. Get out and discover there are no blueberries. WHATSOEVER. Take cute pics of the kids instead.

   4. Fire Hubs from decision making process.
   5. Park at same location you parked last week. Hike up "trail less travelled".
   6. Rejoice in finding mass quantities of blueberries. Rub it in Hub's face. Take more pics. Actually pic bueberries. Throw in some crow berries just because you can.

   7. Make it down the hill with the blueberries still intact.

        I'd say we completely rocked this "Picking blueberries in Alaska" thing!!!