Sunday, July 6, 2014

TLC VoxBox Love It Or Leave It #Review

This is the TLC VoxBox (From Influenster) Love It OR Leave It Review!

Love It:
         This fantastic Voxbox came with Neosporin Neo To Go, Breyers Gelato Indulgences, Ivory Bar Soap, AVON Anew Reversalist Express Wrinkle Smoother, Puffs To Go, and a (for a total retail value of approximately $43)
         My fav items are the Neo To Go and the Breyers Gelato Indulgences! I used the Neo To Go right away-we took it on a run with the kiddos (and we also ended up rolling down hills) and it sure came in handy! No more leaving the park early or waiting till we get home! Just spray and go!
         The Hubs and I (I shared! I did!) really enjoyed the Breyers Gelato Indulgences during out at-home date night! Soooooooooo good! The commercial doesn’t lie!
          The Ivory Bar Soap has so many uses! It’s more than just a cleansing bar! For tons of ideas, check out Pinterest!
           The first time I tried the AVON Anew Reversalist Express Wrinkle Smoother I saw results! I’m not a daily user yet, but I like what I see!
           Puffs to Go? Who doesn’t love Puffs?? It’s my fav tissue brand!
           Shell Fuel Rewards Network Card saves you $$ at the pump! Who doesn’t love that??

Leave It:
           Breyers Gelato Indulgences can be a bit pricey
           I can’t seem to use the Shell Fuel Rewards Network Card here in Alaska yet. Maybe someday, but right now it’s not a positive for me.
           The AVON Anew Reversalist Express Wrinkle Smoother? I’m still trying to figure it out…apparently, you’re supposed to “pat” it on…that’s what the directions say on the box. No lie!

            Get the Neo To Go, Use coupons/sales for Breyers Gelato Indulgences (unless you’re rich. Then, spend away!) Grab some Ivory Bar Soap and get creative! And don’t forget to toss some Puff To Go in your cart!

Disclaimer: I received these products for free from Influenster in exchange for testing. All opinions are my own. 

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