Monday, July 7, 2014

BlondieChell's New Living Spaces

          Right now our family is in the process of buying a house (fingers crossed it goes well). This means we’re looking forward to being first time homeowners…. Which means…. REDECORATING!!  We get to design our own spaces! Paint whatever! Wherever! Hang curtains in the middle of the hallway if we wish!!!
             Now here’s one of my dilemmas: I love the idea of an “active living space” as opposed to the traditional living room styles.  Meaning…I want a climbing wall in my living room along with the treadmill (possible swings instead of couch), zipline… climbing rope…. However, this clashes with where to stick the keyboard, family computer & couch that the Hubs won’t trade in for swings…. So, which style would you choose? (Note: I found the following pictures on the interwebs...)

 Active (Okay, I originally thought the brown squares on the wall were climbing wall hand-holds...the more I look at it, the more it looks like duct, imagine this, but a lil more "BlondieChell-style")

   Traditional (plain...boring...yet functional and inviting....)

           We would have the space to make an exercise room too (there’s a small room to the left of the living area), but I really love the idea of having the active living space… and maybe the proposed “fitness area” can hold the more sedentary activities??
           Perhaps I should add that there is a wood stove in the larger space…which means more sweating when others will be trying to keep warm… So I think my question/pondering has morphed into: Which space will be for sedentary activities and where will I stick my treadmill?
            These are the things that keep BlondieChell awake at night (just kidding! This girl knows how to sleep!) To weigh in on our decision, comment below:

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