Monday, April 21, 2014

Stowaway Spoons and Silverware Mishaps

    See these spoons?? Nice, huh? (Well, this isn't the entire collection-most were waiting to be washed...)

    I'm sure you're looking at this photo going, "Oh, wow! Nice spoons!" Or wondering how many we keep in the drawer for a table of 11 (Let me tell ya-it's close to 11, because any more than that and the drawer looks like the kitchen from Beauty & the Beast puked all over it)....I see this photo and wonder, "Hey...'One of these things is not like the other'..."'s not. I don't think you can tell from the photo, but besides the shape/design, the silver of the spoon on the right is vastly different. Duller, maybe? Anyways, I noticed this and brought it to the attention of the other addults in the household.
     Conclusion? It must've slipped into someone's lunch bag at work. I know it wasn't me, because I returned the spoon I accidentally stole from work a few weeks ago (story is, i had been bringing yogurt & a spoon in a bag...and sometimes I would leave them in the fridge past their expiration date. Whoops! So one day, I saw my yogurt & spoon had been sitting there for quite a while, so I tossed the yogurt & took the spoon home....only to discover that IT WASN'T OUR SPOON! Oops! Haven't taken silverware to work since!). After we decided which adult was the culprit, I saw this in the silverware drawer the next day:

    That's right! Another spoon that doesn't belong! And it's even benter! (Is that a word?? "More bent"??) So now we have two stowaways in our silverware drawer....Hopefully they'll return to their place of employment (or home) this week. Ever have this happen to you? Have YOU ever been the culprit for missing silveware?? Share your story in the comments!
     (On the plus side, it kind balances out the "Situation of the Missing Forks" {we had 11...and now we're down to 6...if the kids aren't eating them, maybe they're throwing them away??}). 

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