Monday, April 14, 2014

Five-Year-Olds, Duct Tape & Running

   Why I'm duct-taping Amber the next time we go for a run (and no one will blame me. Not after you read this!):
       My daughter has two volumes- 1. a quiet, unaudible whisper  and 2. super-duper-embarrassing-loud. When we run, she chooses to use volume #2. How convenient. (Finding a happy medium seems to be a pipe dream for now...)
       On a recent run on the Coastal Trail, she graciously waited until a dear man had passed us, then shouted, "Mommy! He looks like that guy from the movie!" (I am so sure he was smiling at this wonderful compliment-who wouldn't??) Then the conversation started to go downhill as (ironically) we went downhill.
   "Uh-huh" I replied, knowing that the positive quality of this conversation couldn't last forever, and hoping that her train of thought stopped there. {Good, she thinks he looks like a movie star! One I can't put a face to right now, but that has to be good, right??}
   "You know, Mommy!" she (unfortunately) continued. "He looks like that guy from the movie...Shrek!" And there it was. The inevitable compliment-turned-insult from my 5yo. Hooray.
    I really have no idea which character that poor man could have resembled, and I'm sure he was racking his brain too-trying to remember all four of the movies....
     Later, I (really-I don't know why I put myself through this!) had the state of mind to finally ask her which "Shrek" character she thought the man reminded her of. "The guy with the wishes" she said.
    "Oh, you mean Merlin??" (Phew! That made sense-the man was older and had a white beard). "No, not 'Merlin'!" she said. "But you said the guy with the wishes-the magic wand, right??" "No! Wit-chEZ" she sounded out. Oh. " you mean Rumpelstiltskin??" "Yeah! That's him!" So glad we didn't have this conversation on the trail. So glad. Another #Amberism down for the books.

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