Monday, March 10, 2014

The Day BlondieChell Forgot How To Communion

The Day I Forgot How To Communion:
      That’s right. One day we went to church, and I completely (well, not completely) forgot how to communion. I know, it’s awful & shameful… but it’s true.
       Another truth is, we’ve been to so many churches & participated in so many different communions (yes, you heard that right. Different communions. Not all communions are created equal) that I somehow completely forgot the order of when to eat the bread & drink the juice one morning. See, we had been attending this one church for a few weeks by now and they do communion the same way every week, so I should have remembered it. Oops.
      Mid-way through the communion this particular Sunday, I looked up and saw the juice being passed, only to realize everyone else had eaten their bread, and here I was, bread still in hand, trying to shushed yell at my daughter for picking the dry skin on her hand because last week during church, she was picking skin around her cuticles and it bled…and was a disaster of Kindergarten proportions.  After figuring out a good time to consume my bread & chug my juice (and ample time after my shushed yelling,,, because sometimes you just feel like people  think you’re horrible for using a harsh whisper at your kid) I leaned over to place the empty cup thingie under the chair in front of me (you know-where there’s a nice little, perfect circle carved out for the communion cup thingies), and I missed the hole, chucking the cup onto the floor and under the chair that I could barely reach. So much for subtlety.

        Grace is not my middle name. And that’s okay because God needed someone to share these stories with you so that you could laugh. I may not be perfect, but I like to think I’m perfectly relatable! 

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