Monday, March 31, 2014

Smarter Than A 5YO

      A few days ago I was traipsing through Walmart with the 5yo. I was on a mission to find those plastic pull-out-drawer container thingies. But I couldn't find them. And then I did-they were colorful and in someone's cart! So, instead of approaching the woman to find out where she grabbed the plastic dressers from, I stalked her like a secret creeper until I worked up the nerve to ask her where she found them.
      After we walked away, Amber said (in her loud, 5yo voice), "She's smarter than you! You didn't know, and then she told you, and so she's smarter than you!" If we hadn't been surrounded by a store full of witnesses, I probably would have smacked her. Instead I attempted to be an in-control-mom and said, "That's not a nice thing to say to people. And you're wrong". 
       Yes, I decided not to defend my smartness to a 5yo. Because I'm smarter than that. And as fate would have it, we were later approached by a fellow shopper who inquired where she could find a particular item. I told her, and after she walked away, Amber announced, "Mommy! You're smarter now! You told her something she didn't know! You're smarter than everyone in the store!".
         I finally got it-she thinks life's a game, and I'm leveling up! Well, at least I'm winning, right???

        Eh...I guess I'll keep her!

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