Monday, March 3, 2014

Bill Cosby Screencap

      I found this gem of a screen cap the other day & it is soooo true!!!

          Does anyone know WHY Moms (I've never witnessed Dads experience this issue) get a mental block when it comes to yelling your kid's name?? To this day, I'm sure my mom still says, "Stephanie-Michelle-Robert-which-ever-one-you-are!!!" in a super-speed voice. 
          I am guilty of saying, "Whatever-your-name-is! Get over here!" and then the kid just looks at me with a blank stare and states, "My name's -------". Like I forgot they had a real name. (Which isn't true. I just forgot what the real name was). And the sex doesn't matter. My mom would say all three of our names. I say all three of my names (and add some extra in there). Sometimes, I call my daughter a boy's name. I get their nicknames messed up. But in the end, I know which child I mean....and typically, that child does too.
         So, take this. Take this whole forgetting names thing and multiply it by 20. That's what it's like now with 7 kids in the house. Sure, they all have names and I've known most of them since they were born, but this also narrows my chances of yelling at the right child for an offense. Oops.
          It's getting so bad now, I end up calling the wrong kid the wrong name for just about everything, right or wrong! I think I may just start assigning numbers. "Hey one. Yeah, you. Get over here. Now go give this cup to number five." Eh...we'll see if it takes.
       In the end, what's the point of choosing "the perfect name" for your child if you're never going to be able to use it to yell at them?? Thanks, Bill for sharing this nugget of truth with us. 

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  1. Do Moms of only children struggle with this? I have to believe somewhere there's an only child and their dog looked at each other puzzled while Mom calls them each other's names! LOL