Monday, February 3, 2014

What People Ask Us

        I know it seems like I've been posting about Alaska a lot, but...that's because we're here. And don't know why. And I think the most frustrating part is telling people that. Because we sound like crazy people...and maybe we just are. (No. We definitely are). So here is what just about every conversation I have with people who ask "So where ya from?" looks like:

       Random Person: "So are you new to Alaska?"
       Me:        "Yep". (And then I volunteer {because I know "When did you get here?" is the next question}) "Just moved here this summer."
       Random Person: " Oh. You military?" (I'm sure sometimes people use a few more words than that, but this is how it sounds in my head)
       Me:         "Nope" (A lot of people seem disappointed at this. Okay, so it seems that most of the people on the military base seem disappointed.... )      
       Random Person: "Oh. So are you from Alaska?"
       Me:         "Nope." (At this point we start getting looks like we're spontaneously growing ginormous horns from our foreheads)
       Random Person: "Oh...." (And this is the part where they look like they just got their tongue caught in a bug zapper-big eyes and all) " you just woke up one day & decided 'I'm going to move to Alaska' ?"
       Me:          " was kind of like that. See, we're crazy" (I add this at this point because by this time they've already mentally stamped "Crazy Train Approved" on our foreheads) "people and we believe God called us here."         
       Random Person: "What for?"
       Me:           "Um...well...we, uh... actually don't know yet. We're still working on that"  (Nothing shouts CRAZY PEOPLE ALERT!!!! like followers who have no end goal)     
       Random Person: So you got family up here?
       Me:           "Nope. Well...kinda. We have our friends that we moved here with"      
       Random Person: "So you moved here with your friends?" (Yes. Didn't I just say that??)
       Me:           "Yep. God called us all up apparent reason."
       And typically that is where the conversation ends and the other person awkwardly drifts away....Because not too many people can handle " 'dem crazay God-folk". But God can...and that's why He's called us here...right??

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