Monday, February 10, 2014

Little Lost Amber

     This weekend all 11 of us took advantage of the local museum's "First Friday = free admission" deal. 4 adults + 11 kiddos = almost 2 kids per adult, right?? This means tracking would be simple, right?? Yeah, right...Within ten minutes of being there, we (I) lost one. One minute Amber was standing next to me, the next she was gone. Nowhere in sight.  And I wasn’t too concerned over it. I figured, that’s her fault for not staying with Mommy. I’ve been over it enough with her, she should know better by now. Apparently she didn’t.
    However, Christina was concerned, so that concerned me, so I went looking for her (and U didn’t find her) so  I went to the front desk called security. And, as things go, as soon as the front desk called security, Amber had been magically found by one of guards. Story is, she had been crying. So I trekked up two flights of stairs with the security guy (the elevator wasn’t cooperating) and found her standing with Mr. Mike & a gaggle of kids, all better. So we went on our way.
        About an hour later, we were still exploring the exhibits when a security guy said, “Hi, Amber!” to her. Whoah. As a mom, this completely weirded me out. I assume he was one of the people who helped find her, but still.  At least introduce yourself to her mother first. 

         Later reflection about the incident made me realize that this is not the first time it’s happened. I searched my blog for the post I knew I wrote about, only to find a second one also. Apparently, her getting lost is a trend. Crowded space or not, she’s a wanderer. And oblivious. And she almost got lost again that night.
            Unfortunately, I do not believe I am a concerned enough parent. If you notice, in this instance & post #2 I talk about my friend being more concerned about my daughter missing than I am. Why? Who knows. Maybe I feel that Amber brings it on herself. Maybe it's because I know that when she cries really hard, she pees herself, and who wants to keep that around?? 
              Anywho, I think we need to get her implanted with a tracking chip. !Viola! No more missing Amber! (Can you imagine if everyone had one of these implanted when they were born?? No more missing children/adult cases! No more wasting resources to find folks lost on hikes! We would know for sure whether or not they were eaten by a beluga! We could stop serial killers in their tracks! Why are we not funding this???) Well, I googled it, and apparently it's not a legit thing yet, but one day soon....until then, a short leash will have to do...Who wants to go to PetSmart with me??

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  1. Better get a cute harness while you're at it! ;)