Monday, January 6, 2014

What I Bought Hubs for Our 8th Anniversary.

          Last weekend I had a massive "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" moment (you know-the angelic-sounding one where the bright light from above shines down on someone. or something). It was fantastic. And magical. And happens once in a while when I shop. You know- you're searching for *that one thing*. And you can't find it. Until you do. And it's the last one of it's kind. And you know it was MEANT to go home with you.
          This moment happened while I was shopping for Hub's anniversary gift. I was specifically looking for a pair of snowpants for him because...well...we live in Alaska now, and he doesn't have any snow pants. Even though we've lived in a snowy state for the past seven years. Snow. Snow pants. Makes sense. (Plus the fact that I *really* had no idea what else to get him.)
           See, somehow I found myself in Kohl's with three kids on this secret snow pants mission (seriously. I told the kids it was a secret. and somehow, I had them all with me. Brave, I am).  So there we were, stalking the racks (I was stalking the racks. Hoping the kiddos were following me) searching for snowpants in the men's section. And IIIIIIIIII....couldn't find any (I am so sure my nagging, miniature troop had nothing to do with my lack of concentration) so I asked a sale's associate who was neatly refolding already neatly folded sweaters. Apparently he was only trained in neatly refolding neatly folded apparel. He had no idea where anything was in the men's section (except for the sweaters in front of him). Fantastic.
           So I retraced my steps and focused on finding what I was meant to find. And then suddenly, there it was!!! Right in front of me!!! The only one of it's kind!!! And in the exact size I was seeking!!! A black XL pair of snowpants!!! (And it obviously didn't belong on the rack it was on, but what did I care?? I found it!!! And I heard {Okay, it could  have been me. out loud.} the angelic "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"). It was meant for me to find that day. Because I was searching for it. And it was mine
           And it was also $70, but it was Kohl's, so it *had* to be on sale. Plus I had a coupon. SO I dragged the kiddos to the register and waited for another angelic "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" moment. And it happened-the pants were half off! Plus another 20%! Best day ever!!! And then the screen saiid "Ladies outdoor". Wait, WHAAAAA????? Surely that was a mistake. They were in the men's section. And they were black. And looked like men's. So, like a good wifey, I double-checked the tag on the pants after we got out to the car. And....the snowboarder on the tag was wearing pink. Like women's advertising. Oops. So I held them up, and sure enough, tey had a tell-tale flare in the leg. Oops.
           So then we went home. Yes, I know, bad wifey here, but seriously, would he even notice the flare?? They were half off, his size, and *maybe* they would give his rear that extra "somethin'-somethin'" he's been looking for. Who knows?? PLUS, it was an "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" moment, so it JUST HAD TO BE MEANT TO BE. (It did not help that our housemates only encouraged me).
           And, of course, as things would have it, Hubs accidentally found his gift. So I fessed up that I had gotten him snowpants for our anniversary. He then fessed up that he didn't want snowpants. At all. "Good," I said. "Because they're women's anyways." And...that was the end of everything. Hopefully we'll last 8 more years. We'll see!

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