Monday, January 20, 2014

Table of 11 + Autism

        Here is a brief snapshot of dinner conversations. In a household of 11. With a 7yo who has autism (which currently translates into social/behavior problems at school. Good times. I promise)

      Convo @ dinner table:
       Me:  "Josiah, tell me why you got in trouble in the cafeteria Friday and why you can no longer eat in the cafeteria this week"
       J:  "um...uh...because I sticked my head up my friend's butt"
       Me: (Quick, rationalish thinking here) "No more {insert channel} for you"
              "Wait...which friend??  Your NEW friend??" (This emphasis was because...I had encouraged Josiah to get "new friends" because his *only friend* was a trouble maker. which makes both of them trouble-makers.)
       J: "Um...uh..yeah?"
       Me: "Why in THE WORLD would you stick your head up someone's rear?"
       J:  "Huh?"
       Me:  "Um...uh...butt. There. I said it (and tried not to laugh) WHY did you stick your head up someone's butt??"
       Nina: (Chiming in to help) "You know, he's not going to be your friend anymore after this. Now he's your old friend. Kinda stinks, huh?"
       You can kind of see where this was going.
      The rest of the adults had to help out because I was busy stifling laughter. Seriously my maturity level only goes so far. But after that the conversation just seemed to be circling. And it didn't help that I burst into hysterical laughter 5 minutes after the "kind of stinks" comment (because I thought about it again).
         Story is, he saw a funny cartoon commercial-a cow stuck it's head up a cartoon character's butt. On a children's channel. And...he has a hard time distinguishing between what is socially acceptable, and what's funny only when it's on tv. At least he has a sense of humor, right??
         Sticking heads up people's butts?? Bad. Laughing about it?? Worse. We did our best to harass him about it at the table (make a big enough deal) so that he won't do it least for three months. ::sigh:: But we'll see what happens.

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  1. I could NOT stop laughing! All I can think is...paybacks to the children we raise! Have fun, honey!