Monday, January 13, 2014

10 Clues That Prove You're Living with 10 People

             Since we find ourselves in a unique scenario (seriously. Still the crazy people up here in Alaska living in a 3 bedroom house with our friends), I find it my job to let you know (you know-just in case the random situation arises) how you would know you're living in a house with 10 other people:

               1. There's no hot water (unless you're showering at 3am)
               2. The word "privacy" is nonexistent.
               3.  You find yourself cooking for a small army.
               4.  There's always a line for the bathroom (even if no one's in there).
               5.  Expectations of "clean" and "neat" have drastically dropped.
               6.  The kitchen sink is never empty.
               7.  If  you can't hear the hum of the dryer, it's either broken or someone forgot to turn it on (non-stop laundry, anyone??)
               8.  You learn how to successfully "jiggle" *everything* off because there's STILL NO TOILET PAPER!
               9.  There's always a war over the thermostat.
              10. Coco Puff? Poop? Rehydrated raisin?? Sometimes, it's not not worth questioning what goes down the garbage disposal....

        ::insert bow:: Thank you. Thank you. This segment was brought to you by Late Night Brainstorming with the Hubs & I.

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