Monday, December 23, 2013

Alaska Update: Month 5

    Yes, there are still 11 of us living in a 3 bedroom house in Alaska (1 toilet. One.). I know it sounds like we lost our minds on the crazy train (it's been 5 months. I think.) but if you think about it....that's how people lived prior to the organization of cities, and some people groups still live that way- family members living together in with your ginormously extended family and servants (and animals).  People raised their kids together. You didn't have to find a babysitter-there was always someone around to watch the kiddos (not that there was anywhere else to go, either!).
     And yes, that's how we semi-rationalize our crazy-train living right now. I mean sure, having another toilet would be utmost convenient (especially for the prego lady of the house),'s not a reality right now. And yes, this is Alaska, but we live in an actual neighborhood with actual neighbors who may report us for peeing on a tree.
       So here's a story: I was so tired the other night that when the Forro girls wanted Amber to sleep in their room (3bdrm= 4boys in 1, then girls sleep in parent's room), I chided her for wanting to take her suitcase (which is where she keeps all her clothes). "It's not like you're going to live with them" I said in front of the other adults. Their almost-unison response was, "Where have you been for the past 4 months, Michelle? She IS living with us/them". Yeah...Not my most alert moment. But, it is what it is. For however long it is. And we're together. (But another toilet would be nice. Super-duper nice.)

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  1. See now I was just thinking of you guys living up there in alaska as I am watching Alaska the last frontier... So you don't have an outhouse huh...