Monday, October 28, 2013

Why I Workout At Home. Alone.

      I use workout DVDs because I am a social exerciser and I do not have time or $$ for a gym membership. Oh yeah-I also don't like people watching me workout because in my mind, I'm not mastering the exercise as well as the instructor is demonstrating it. So there. I'm an at-home-work-out-vid kind of girl. Because I like working out with people, but not real people.
      That being said, I like to think that I'm a fitness cheerleader-you ran .2mi?? Yay for you! I love hearing when others complete a workout, no matter how small, as long as they are challenging themselves.
      That being said, the only other person I've watched work out is the Hubs, who did the Supreme 90 Day series with me. But now we live in a house with 11 people. ELEVEN. which means I try to get my "wodvd" time in when no one else (except the youngest two. They don't care. They even join me!) is around. Or else my self-consciousness creeps in and I'm done. If you're not going to do it with me, then don't watch me, right?
      Now here's the story. I thought I was strong enough. Strong enough to watch someone else workout with a dvd. Strong enough to cheer them on, and even though the moves weren't anywhere near the instructors, praise them anyway. Apparently I'm weaker than I knew...
      Saturday morning, another one of the adults in the house decided it was an excellent idea to workout while the kids & I were eating cereal. It was fine, really. I didn't mind. I was 3/4 of the way finished with my bowl when I looked over and...couldn't stop laughing. I know it sounds awful, but if you saw what I saw, you would have laughed too. Now, the only problem with the situation was that I had a mouth full of cereal and milk. Which had no where to go.
      Laughter is as rampant in my family as sarcasm. And it takes down whomever is in it's path. I've experienced my fair share of soda and drinks snorting out of my nose (puke too, but I wasn't laughing then) and even ice cream, so I knew that if I didn't find a solution quick, I was bound to experience some nostril burning and a huge mess all over the living room.
       After contemplating (have you ever tried to think of a sound solution while laughing? Yeah. It's hard) for a minute, I rushed to the bathroom to spit out my contents into the toilet. Did I mention I was also trying to be discreet? I'm 85% sure that I'm the only one who knew I was laughing. Because I didn't want to be discouraging. But I also couldn't finish my cereal or glance over the couch anymore. Because I was trying to be supportive. And not laugh.
      So are you an at-home-workout-dvd-er?? Or do you hit the gym? Or just do your own thing??

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