Monday, October 7, 2013

Snippets of Convos With BlondieChell Part I

Well, you asked for it, so here it is. Raw, unfiltered (except names. Names are a no-no) snippets of conversations I have had. I am trying to avoid publicly embarrassing anyone, so I have hidden the names of the subjects. They're welcome ;)

FB Messsage:
Subject 1: I stand by my word. I don't visit until you learn to shoot a gun!!! Lol
Me: Rofl. That just has "accident waiting to happen" all over it!
Subject 1: Hey, at least I would *almost* be safe...
Me: Somehow the shot would ricochet & I'd ending up hitting you, lol

Person I Haven't Talked To In A *Really* Long Time:
Me: Hi, ---------!
PIHTTIARLT: I had my baby
Me: I see. Congrats. We moved to Alaska.


Subject 2: You guys make it into Denver safe?
Me: No. We crashed in the middle of the ocean. Swimming towards Mexico now.
Subject 2: Cool!!!! Have fun!!
Me: Oh crap. There's a shark. Gotta go!
Subject 2: Swim faster!
Me: I can't! I lost half of my right leg in the crash! I'm a gimp!
Subject 2: Darn. No more running for you.

Me: I was thinking u guys were having underwear-flinging wars or something.
Subject 3: I don't know if I should laugh or gag?! Lol
Me: U set me up for disappointment
Subject 3: Lol forgive me
Me: No!

Recent verbal conversation:

“Go in there, sit down & fart, and then he’ll leave”
“No he won’t!”
“Just go in there”
“You don’t understand-nothing will come out. I can’t do it with anyone in there!”

This. This is why I don't have many friends. Enjoy your week!!!

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