Monday, August 12, 2013

Party of 11 in Anchorage Part I

      Yes, we are those crazy people who follow God no matter how crazy or scary it is (seriously. when's the last time you packed up and moved 3200 miles away with no reasonable explanation??). I know it sounds "sign-them-up-for-a-mental-institution" but God hasn't backed out on us yet, so we have no reason not to trust Him.
        You think your life is fun? Try sticking four adults and seven kids in a 1 story, 3 bedroom house. That is life as we know it in Anchorage right now. If you haven't been paying attention, God called us to Alaska, along with our friends. She, I + 2 minions flew out, then a few weeks later the hubbies & rest of the clan drove up. They got here at 2 a.m. on Sunday morning.
      Apparently the vacancy rate here is low, so finding affordable housing is also difficult. We had been staying in a hotel until Friday when we moved into this house (just in time for everyone else to join us!). God worked it out just in time (like always, right??) so we wouldn't all be squished into two hotel rooms. The house we're in is for sale, so...we know God will work something else out (right?? right??).
         Now, the living room & kitchen are a bit bigger than what we had in CO (we rented from the same landlord) but we're all sharing one bathroom. Yesterday I felt like Kate + 8 as I was herding the kids to get dressed & fed (I'm a morning person, so I don't mind doing the early a.m. stuff, but going from 3 to 7 kids is a lot). We also went food shopping. At Sam's Cub. And we're hoping it lasts at least a week.
          5 out of 7 of the kiddos get to start school in the next few weeks. We're trying to get one kiddo enrolled in a preschool and little Malachi will be hanging out with whichever adult isn't working or in class.
           We're working on a menu and chore chart. Any tips or suggestions for living as a large clan in a small house? Comment below!


  1. Here is a great resource for some fun charts. :) Maybe it could help you out with some ideas, too.