Monday, August 5, 2013

"Fun" Things For Kids To Do In A Hotel

Here is a list of "fun" things the kids have been doing in this little hotel room (it's "European-style", so the room is only big enough for 2 beds, a table, a fridge, some shelving and....a nightstand. the kitchen & bathrooms are outside of the rooms and shared). We let the children bring toys, but they seem to let their imagination conquer all:

    1. Throw toys out the window (we're on the 2nd story and have bay windows-both of the side windows swing waaaaaaaaay out & there are no screens. #notsafe)
    2. Pretend the tv remote (that works 25% of the time) is a baby and use dollar bills and wipes as blankies
    3. Climb on suitcases to reach food.
    4. Amass a collection of rocks during our walks, then pretend they have "families" and put them to bed in Mommy's bed (not my child.)
    5. Wrestle on the beds
    6. Fall off the beds (they have perfected this skill)
    7. Jump on the beds
    8. Take "field trips" to the kitchen and dumpster.
    9. Play "dead" in the elevator
   10. Walk around in circles in the elevator (who needs amusement parks?? You get the same "Ugh. I gotta puke" feeling afterwards!)

Fun stuff. And now you know why my sanity is dwindling.

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