Sunday, August 18, 2013

7 Kids Math

         We're living in a small house with our friends, and there are 7 kiddos total. Jumping from 3 to 7 kids 24/7 is a bit much for some, and here's a list of things I've discovered that 7 kids equal. Enjoy:

                         7 kids = making them take turns pooping so whoever's been stinkin' up the living room can stop.

                         7 kids =  21 meals + 14 snacks daily

                         7 kids =  the cleaning never stops!

                         7 kids =  toys. all. over. the. place.

                         7 kids =  The Neverending Story- Laundry Edition

                         7 kids = "Who got poop on the rug??"   "Not me!"x7

                         7 kids =  "We have too much toilet paper! Who's not wiping?!?"

                         7 kids =  not enough hours in the day...

                         7 kids =  not enough sleep

                         7 kids =  no hope for sanity
          What do your mathematical child equations look like??

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