Monday, July 22, 2013

The Alaska Story, Part I

       Now we start our story. Our Journey. Christina, me, and two of our kiddos (we have 7 together. Yes, that means we left 5 with the Hubbies. Oops.) have been in Anchorage for almost a week now. One crazy, ran-together week. We started our journey by sleeping in the airport (on the cold, hard, floor. Apparently they haven't heard of carpeting airports here) because our flight arrived around 2am.
        This also led to Boo having a pottying accident (okay. he peed. there, ya happy? I said it!) on the floor next to the empty luggage carousels. When the world woke up, we dropped luggage at our hotel (we booked it for 3 days) then went walking (because they were sold out of rental cars & we hadn't learned the bus system yet) around town, applying for apartments & such. Christina already had an interview set up for the afternoon & 2 more the next day.
        We were "gettin' things done". Then Friday Boo got sick and puked while we were in a mall. Oops. After our stay in the "fancy hotel" we moved into a "European-style" hotel (I'd mention their name...but they wouldn't discount us for a review, so they shall remain nameless! {which works to their advantage in case anything negative slips}). This place offers hotel rooms with beds, a fridge, tv & storage space for clothes & whatnot, but the bathroom & showers are outside the rooms...and shared by other residents...and there's a shared kitchen for usage too which means we don't have to live off "microwave food".
         This week I should be able to meet a BlondieChell fan who lives here in Anchorage! (How cools is that!!! We already "know" someone!) She's offered to give us a tour. We've yet to see the shore, but we've seen plenty of sunlight! (this place doesn't have the room-darkening curtains like our "fancy motel" did) To clear up confusion, where we are in Alaska (Anchorage), the longest the sun is out is from 4am to 11pm. We've past the longest sunlight day of the year, so now the light is slowly dwindling, till the longest "darkest day" which will be in December, I think, but we'll still see about 4 hours of sunlight during those days. Bears don't frequent the city limits here, and there's no snow here right now. We're not freezing to death. And...unless something drastically crazy happens, we won't during the winter-time either. We are 4 hours behind East Coast time (write it down, You-Know-Who-You-Are) which means 2 hours behind CO time. It's definitely different when you're trying to call family & friends. (Whaddaya mean it's night-time over there?? The sun's still out!!!)
           So for now, I'm here. And this is my story...

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