Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our First (and Last...For a While) RI Road Trip

     About two weeks before I left for Alaska, my family and I took a pre-planned trip to Delaware to take a road trip with my family up to Rhode Island to see family I haven't seen in years. Several things became apparent on that trip:
     1. My family is not as immune to "family drama" like I thought  it was
     2. It seems that only a certain combination of personalities = drama
     3. Some people are more easily manipulated than others
     4. I can't roll my eyes
     5. I can't cross my eyes.
     6. The NYC skyline looks magical bathed in a sunrise.
     7. There is a magical drink called "coffee milk" only native to RI.
        We were able to spend time with my dad's brother and his family. The kids loved their large dog and backyard with grass! (Although Amber seemed to have a problem staying vertical in the backyard) I also experienced a horizontal moment when I was "going for the win" in a badminton game & jumped up on a bench that wasn't a bench to swat the high-flying birdie. Despite my Uncle's mental note to tell us vanVeens about the notta-bench, he (a vanVeen himself) forgot. A sprained wrist and numb rear were my trophies (and yes, I missed the birdie).
           We took a trip to the shore, visited a mall that was notta-mall (it had closed 8 years ago and no one told us!, set my Uncle's street on fire, and visited the famous Newport. We saw an awesome lighthouse, a windmill and Jersey cows. We saw fireworks on the beach, my red-white-blue wig was passed around, fixed an "owie" with jut a cotton ball & tape, saw a stone wall & sucked up family time.  Some family drama unfolded, and let's just say that a vanVeen family roadtrip back to RI is out of the question for a while. (I guess we're reality-tv worthy now!) Here's a photo dump from our epic trip:

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