Monday, July 15, 2013

Alaska Crazy Train Part IV (AKA The Rant)

      This is a semi-rant post. Why?? Because people aren't perfect, and they get on your nerves. People are different and believe different things and have different ideas. Try uprooting your family in less than a month and tell people you're moving far, far away, then you'll see what I'm talking about.
       One thing that bothers me about this Alaska Saga is people's skepticism. Like, really folks, God does call people to Alaska. He created it, and obviously people live there and He hasn't set the place on fire yet to chase people out, so yes, it is OKAY to live there. And survive. I am pretty sure we won't freeze to death there unless we go for a hike or something and don't make it home.
       In Christian culture, it's perfectly acceptable for folks to designate themselves as missionaries and announce that they are going to some random, foreign country, and that's okay. It's not questioned. "Oh, you're going to be a missionary in Who's-what-is-stan?? Sounds great! We'll pray for you!" but tell people that you're going to serve God in another U.S. State, and it's met with "What?!? Why would you move so far away??" "Well, God called us there." "Are you sure?? I mean, what could you possible do in Alaska??"
       Look folks, Alaska is not the end of the world (I know people who actually live in the arctic circle. I believe that is considered the "end of the world". And guess what?? They LIVE there. They survive and don't die each year. They have families.) Yes, parts of it get super-dark during the winter, but guess what?? People still live there! And survive. And it's  not terrible.
       We're going to Alaska to do what we do best. Help people. Our two families are a team. Team Forrosen. We balance each other out while keeping things in perspective. Sometimes I feel like we are part of Captain Planet ("By your powers combined..I am Captain Planet!). Yes, I know he's not real, but it's the sense of connection we have.....Well, I have a plane to catch today, so I must end this post now.
      So, we're going. Following God's call. And if we get eaten by bears, so be it.

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