Monday, July 8, 2013

Alaska Crazy Train Part II

     This is Part II in the saga entitled the "Alaska Crazy Train" (Part I can be found here). Why? Because God has called us and our friends to Alaska. Why?? I've learned to not question God too much, and I don't believe we have a solid answer to that question yet, but He's calling us, so we're going.
     Part I of this story touches base on how we became intertwined with these friends. What's not covered is our faith in God. For those of you familiar with Christian terms and churches and denominations, you'll appreciate when I say that we did not attend the same church as our friends. In fact, we were on completely opposite ends of the denomination spectrum. We have different beliefs and understandings of certain scripture passages and theology, and yet, here we are, trusting the same God and going to the same place.
      God's shown us a lot these past few years and like the Bible says, "Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind" (Romans 14:5). We judge not, because we don't want to be judge. We love because He loves us (that being said, love covers a multitude of sins). We have been through a lot with these friends of ours. They are our family here. They are as attached to our kids as we are to theirs.
       And yet, we did face the fact that God may separate us. (This made me question why God would have brought us so close together, just to rip us apart, but I had to accept that God works everything out for His own purpose).
      "How??" you may ask? Because God speaks to us in different ways. (I had someone ask me if God just "called you up on the telephone and said "Go to Alaska". I responded, "Well, it's kind of like that") For me, it's a deep feeling. A sense of "this is right. This is what's to be done". It's taken some time (and sometimes I still get it wrong) to distinguish that feeling from my own selfishness. Sometimes Bible verses pop out at me. For hubby, I think sometimes he hears a voice in his head (yes, just one. not many. that's me ;) . I can't speak for anyone else, but I've learned that if someone says "God told me -------" to believe them.
         And so it was, God spoke to our friends first. This allowed me to face that fact that we may be torn apart. Separated from our family. I believe this part was necessary, so that I could focus on what God was calling us to do, not what I wanted to do. Of course, I'd follow our friends in a heartbeat, but of course, I wanted to follow God's plan too (bad things happen when we don't do what God says). I had to come to accept that fact that separation was a possible future. Life without our friends would take some adjusting, some tears, some "why??"s. But I had to remember that I wanted God's plan, and He always worked everything out for us and hasn't forsaken us yet.
          After that wave of disappointment, sorrow and tears, I was super-excited when God told us that we were going to Alaska too.
     Stay tuned for Part III of the Alaska Crazy Train!

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