Monday, May 13, 2013

This Is Why Michelle Doesn't Pump Gas

       I try to lead a quite, simple life. I really do....but things always end up happening to me!!!
       I have discovered that I am not good with long-distance driving. Five hours seems to be my limit. I don't know why that is, but on the opposite end of things, Hubby can drive twenty-four hours straight with no problem. Today's story starts with a long distance drive...
       See, last Tuesday afternoon I had to drive a little over 2 hours to pick up my friend in Colorado Springs, then we had to drive over another hour to Denver to pick up her girls from the airport. Before we left, we had to get gas. Now, we had to time it right because if we went too far down the interstate, we would miss that last exit and it would be another half hour or so until we reached the next town that would have a gas station.  It was late. My friend was on the phone when I took a random exit (I panic and end up doing things too early) looking for a gas station. We found a 7-11, but gas was more expensive there than in our hometown! Since there were no other retail establishments in sight, I entered a small parking lot to turn us around and head back to the highway. My friend had made the comment that this was "a bad part of town to get gas in" because there was only one gas station, so there were no price wars. After my van was positioned to turn back onto the highway, I noticed that the street directly across from us was flooded with law enforcement vehicles. Bad part of town, indeed! There were about 6 police cars and an SUV blocking off the road a handful of officers interrogating a woman. We wanted to get out of there quick!
      Following the magical gps on my phone, we ended up staying on that road until we found another gas station. Gas at this one wasn't only less expensive, but it was one that takes the grocery store club card you've earned points on for $$ off the price per gallon.  Talk about a deal! (We have a grocery store, but not a gas station that takes a club card)
     For those of you who haven't known me for long, I don't pump my own gas. I used to, but then I had quite the aversion to the pump, relying on hubby for all of my fuel needs.  However, I have recently decided to overcome this aversion (you know-trying to be a big girls & all) and do it myself (bad idea). It's had it's moments (like the really old, shaky pumps that scared me, or the creepers in the convenience store), but for the most part, I've been successful.
     So, as it as, I had accumulated a bunch of rewards on my club card so we used my card store card. More accurately, I inserted it into the magical slot that sucks cards in and spits them back out. card didn't come back out. Why?? I don't know...Okay, so I know...It didn't slide back out because I had shoved it up the slot where the receipt comes out. (Hey, all I saw was "insert club card" and then an empty slot. It was late. Driving long distances wears me out.) Thankfully, I carry a set of tweezers in my purse. I retrieved them and my friend helped snatch my card back. Then, we couldn't get the machine to accept her debit card. Why? Because she forgot that her zip code and PIN number were two different numbers. We needed sleep. Bad. Unfortunately, we still had about 3 hours of driving left to get back home. (Side note: we didn't get a receipt...*pretty sure* I jammed the machine.)
          Well, we safely made it back home with little incident, save me "freaking out" when my vision started getting as tired as I was ("Did you see that sign?? It just jumped up out of NOWHERE!!!")
      Needless to say, I'm pretty sure I'm done pumping my own gas....for a while at least...

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