Monday, May 20, 2013

Breaking and Entering...

    Let me start this post by saying two things: 1. I'm not trying to brag on what we do (or try to do) 2. I'm not condoning breaking into churches.
     That being said, a local church donated their space for us to host our annual community Mother's Day dinner last week. Prior to setting the tables and chairs up, we were informed that one of the tables was upstairs in an office. No problem, right?? ...Until we attempted to retrieve said table.
     The door to the office was locked, so instead of bothering the pastor who would arrive in a few hours, we attempted to use a card to jimmy the lock (ssssshhhhhh!!!!). That didn't work, so I exited the open room next to it and attempted to open the window (ssssshhhhhh!!!!). That too was a no-go. Back to jimmy-ing the lock. Now, my friend has some inherited lock-picking skills, but she insisted that these locks weren't easy to just pick, so we didn't try.
     After hubby & her gave up (I have this persistence problem) I had an epiphany ("apostrophe" in Smee's words). The door marked "church office" was open (big "Duh" right there). Now, I've spent enough years in and around churches to know that there is typically a spare set or two of church keys in a church office. It's like a church law or something. While I was rifling through the drawers, I kept thinking that the magical drawer that held the spare keys would be locked. It wasn't. However, neither of the marked keys had the name of the office we wanted to I took both and tried them both. One seemed to fit better than the other, and after a few minutes of jiggling & twisting, the lock opened (viola!). The table was retrieved and all was okay with the world. We set up and continued with dinner preparations.
       Now, since I have a guilty conscience that spills all when opened, I did end up regaling the entire story to the associate pastor of the church during our clean-up. The associate pastor did not seem too baffled by our adventure. I was then assured that those locks were, in fact, super easy to pick with just a paper clip! (The interior locks are pretty old, but the church will be remodeling soon, so all of the pickable locks will be changing!) Satisfied that the truth was told and we weren't in trouble for attempting to "break and enter", we had a good laugh and put things back in place.
       The day had been saved and all was well with our world.

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