Friday, June 15, 2012

Steve....Part III

  The saga of Steve continues!!!  About a week ago, I was able to transplant Steve to his new home in the Poncha Springs Community Garden.  We also added some seeds for other vegetables...However, I cannot remember all of them.  I had this granduer image of making little signs for his friends, but I'm not sure what happened to the seed packets.
   When I arrived at the garden last week with my mission in mind (and several kids in tow), I discovered that the boards that needed to be removed from the plot were long and heavy.  And huge black beetle looking things scurried towards us every time I touched one.  I needed gloves.
    I repeated this process the next day with gloves on. And gloves for the kids.  Well, the boards were heavier than I had anticipated (the prior day I used my foot to shove the boards off), and the black things kept coming, as if I was disturbing their home.  This was my garden plot, not theirs.  (Later I discovered that these were actually crickets...Black crickets....not as creepy as beetles...)  I unloaded the rest of the boards, being careful when I lifted because there was a black spider with a huge shine abdomen and the last thing I needed was for one of us to get bit.
     I dug three holes down each row and put a bunch of seeds into each one.  I covered them up, watered them, then I met my neighbor later that night and we planted more stuff.  And I discovered that our plot was bigger than I had originally thought.  So we planted more stuff.  And now, we're starting to see tiny green leaves popping up.  Steve looks kind of sad, but at least he's still alive!!! We shall see what happens!!!

                                                          Community Garden

                                                               Our Plot

                                                        Steve! He's in a "cage"

                                                          a plant....

                                                                   stuff growing!

                                                              more stuff growing....

                                              the ridiculously huge boards I had to move....

                                                  another pic of the boards.....

      See the line in the middle? I thought we only had half, but the line is for stability, not division....

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  1. Steve is looking good :) I would just say make sure he gets watered once a day for awhile so the ground don't take all the water away from h is little roots :)